My Name is Steve

I have been working within

  • The Internet
  • Computers
  • Electronics
  • Networking
  • Database (Oracle / SQL / MySql)
  • Web Programing (php / asp / java) (css / xslt) etc etc
  • Programing (VB / Basic / debug / DOS)

For the past 30 years ...

To mention a few of my day to day needs ....

BUT my Free time ... hmmmmm

  1. I Enjoy Cooking Full meals  - Baking tasty sweets  - as well as creating new food flavors
    OK new Flavors to ME at least..........
  2. Love the taste of an ice cold beer but not as much as I love the taste of Ginger ale
  3. I draw - maybe not good but I tend to swirl the pencil around on paper
  4. I play the keyboards to mellow my mind in my own sounds
  5. I am trying to learn the Guitar just figured out how to hold it ... 🙂
  6. I play the violin or rather I had played it for a few years many years back ...
  7. I love to read and tend to like to write stories ... as I am into puzzles I think I like to read Code more then I do books - maybe that is why I read the Bible it tends to be confusing at times
  8. when I was of a younger age I enjoyed most anything OUTSIDE .... but these days living in South Florida I rather be in the A/C then outside trying to breath ...
  9. Chess is a game I played since I was about 8 so I tend to keep going back to it .... just no partners to have played with for the past few years ....




In these pages you will read some stories ... if I share ..
you may find helpful hints to your computer and or programming
you may have found some pictures I drew - Recipes - videos ... basically ALL ME

Shit people the Domain Name is ... All Steve All the Time..

My sarcastic voice come out when I say ... What were you expecting a directory of garbage like CraigsLists ?