Art With a Dash of Sketch

by picking up a pencil at times just sharpening each one sends me into a state of relaxation .. and at times that has no help in trying to figure out what is going on inside me. I am at times lost and alone yet I am never Lost and never alone.

While Growing up in NJ no matter where we were not matter how far away and no matter what time is was If I was driving and you said how long until we get There and I gave you an answer I would be within 10 seconds off ... even if we were 30 miles away and no telling the traffic

Why Exactly and I telling you that ?? To show you I am NEVER Lost and I am Never ALONE


Hoping you enjoy them

Dirgital Art

I like to play around in various applications and am picking up some tips in PhotoShop..

hope you like some of the twisting of my mind as I try to display some different effects PhotoShop can do


fish in cell

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Fish in light

Here are the files used in this project It was fun and pretty fast took about 10 minuets I am Always looking for new things to work on and try and help build more skills


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another post Art

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